Why Komunicalo?

Some people believe that Marketing is something only for big companies. Some companies believe they do not need marketing. But all companies, small, medium or big, need marketing and communication activities, tools and solutions to increase sales.

Komunícalo is a company formed of Marketing and Communication professionals with extensive experience in national and international companies in sectors as diverse as food, technology, construction, distribution, appliances, security, hotels, associations, events, media, sports marketing, etc.

We put our expertise at your disposal, finding solutions and implementing marketing and communication actions with a real benefit for your business: sell more.

Komunícalo give you the possibility of having Marketing and Communication services without having a fixed structure, turning your marketing investment into a variable expense. Increase your profitability by outsourcing some marketing services and investing only based on your needs.


What do we do?

We analyze your needs, listen to your concerns and involve ourselves in your project.

How can we help you...

diseño imagen corporativa building your corporate image posicionamiento-web making your website to become a tool to get customers
comunicacion-corporativa getting your company to be known aumentar-ventas finally, finding ways to increase sales